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For intuitives, supernatural occurrences are part of daily life

Like many of you reading this, I've had supernatural experiences for as long as I can remember. So many 'weird' things have happened to me during my life. It is just, well, my life.

When my mother-in-law died unexpectedly more than ten years ago, I started to see butterflies. So did the rest of the family. It was our way of knowing she was with us. We even released monarchs at her burial. 

When I missed her, I would often ask her to show me a butterfly, and one would appear. On command. One day I saw dozens of them.

Also around that time, one normal-seeming night when my husband and I were in bed, we heard things moving around on the bathroom counter. It baffled us because no one was there- not even the cats. We checked.

On a side note, that bathroom later became known as "the haunted bathroom," and you couldn't pay our son, Adam, about seven at the time, to go in there.

Another time, when my husband was making the bed, he found one of his mother's hair combs under my pillow. Neither he nor Adam put it there. When we divided up her belongings, I took that comb for myself.

Such supernatural experiences don't often rattle me. Let's say as long as they involve people I knew. More about encounters with people I did not know in another blog :)

I welcome their contact and help. I always make a point to say, "I acknowledge you" when something odd happens, like lights flashing, etc. Those on the other side have even contributed to some of my oracle decks, namely, Messages of Closure, dedicated to my mother, Pat, who died in 2018.

I wrote Closure in less than an hour. I was in the zone, automatic writing, and I only knew what the cards said when I read them later. One of them contains her last words to me. But I'll keep those to myself.

Messages of Closure is our highest-rated oracle card deck on Amazon, and I am so glad it speaks to others who have unfinished business with the lost or departed.

I look forward to what the Spirit world wants to help with next.

In the meantime, I will continue talking to the blinking kitchen light above the coffee pot in the morning - because that is one way my mom lets me know she's around.

I am betting it's because she misses our morning coffee.

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