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Readings not resonating with clients? Here's what can help

Oracle and tarot card readings can be confusing and frustrating when the insights don't resonate with your client. Several factors can contribute to this disconnect, from overlooked rituals to internal states. One often overlooked, critical practice is clearing the cards before every reading.

Clearing the cards means removing lingering energies or influences from previous readings. If this essential step is skipped or forgotten, the cards may carry residual energies that can interfere with the accuracy and clarity of the current reading. In the same way that a cluttered space can cloud one's mind, uncleared cards can cloud a reading. 

In addition to clearing the cards, setting intentions before each reading essential to the accuracy of a reading. Intentions act as a guiding force, shaping the nature of the insights sought and aligning the reader's energy with the cards' wisdom. Without clear intentions, the reading may lack focus and direction, leading to ambiguity and confusion for both the reader and the client, friend, etc.

Another factor that can impact the effectiveness of reading is the failure to clear the cards between clients. Each individual brings their unique energy to a reading and residual energies from previous readings blend with the current seeker's energy, diluting the clarity and accuracy of the insights offered. This includes reading the cards for yourself. If you read your own cards, clear them before reading anyone else.

The reader's mindset and emotional state also play a significant role in the resonance of a card reading. Just as a musician needs to be in tune with their instrument, a reader must attune themselves to the energies surrounding the reading. Stress, distraction, use of substances by the reader or client, or emotional turbulence can impede the flow of intuitive insights. 

If these practices are overlooked, seekers may feel disconnected from the readings and find it challenging to relate to the messages conveyed by the cards. This lack of resonance can lead to skepticism or disillusionment, undermining the reader and potential transformative power of the reading.

 It's crucial to incorporate practices that promote clarity, intentionality, and attunement to enhance the resonance of oracle and tarot card readings. Before each reading:

  • Take a moment to clear the cards of any residual energies
  • Set clear intentions for the insights sought
  • Ensure that you approach the reading with a centered and focused mindset

By honoring these rituals and practices, readers and seekers can experience more profound and meaningful connections with the wisdom of the cards.

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